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As a course attendee, you will learn how to obtain an EDS spectrum image using the DigitalMicrograph software to perform basic EDS/EDX studies on your transmission electron microscope.

  • Study the fundamental principles at a pace that is most efficient and convenient for you

  • One-year access ensures you can reference best practices during your materials studies

  • Interact with industry specialists through the online discussion forum to ask questions and clarify content

  • Attain a professional certificate upon course completion


Andrew Thron

Applications Scientist Ph.D. - TEM, STEM, EELS, EDS, FIB, and SEM

Andrew is an Application Scientist at Gatan supporting the analytical product lines. Andrew started his career in Electron Microscopy at APTech, developing new cathodes and electron gun modules for SEM’s, TEM’s, and plasma generation systems. Andrew Earned his Ph. D. from the University of California, Davis, working under Dr. Klaus van Benthem. After graduating, he pursued a Post-Doctoral appointment at the Molecular Foundry before returning to UC Davis. Prior to starting at Gatan, Andrew served as the Technical Director of AMCaT, the Materials Characterization Facility at UC Davis. Andrew has over 16 years of experience applying TEM, aberration corrected STEM, EELS, EDS, FIB, and SEM to a broad range of materials systems.

Course curriculum

  • Starting the DigitalMicrograph session

  • Search for a region of interest

  • Identify elements in the sample

  • Add the element to the elemental quantification

  • Set up the region of interest

  • Capture the spectrum image

  • During the acquisition

  • Finish the acquisition

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